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3 Uninhabited Islands at Thousand Islands that You Should Know

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
30, March 2017

Traveling to Thousand Islands, most people choose to visit popular islands which and of course, have so many visitors, like Tidung Island, Pari Island, and Pramuka Island. But, if this time you want to enjoy uninhabited island and not less interesting than other islands, then you should visit these 3 cool islands at Thousand Islands.

1. Sepa Island
Sepa Island itself is one of best island with its white sand beaches. And it is not closed by rocks yet. You just need to go on foot if you want to explore the island, because it is not too spacious. For the couples, surround the island when dusk is the perfect time. Because the atmosphere is so romantic.

Sea life exists all the way to the bottom of Sepa Island. Not only fishes and coral reefs, calm ocean waves would make you amazed.

For fishing lovers, you can do your hobby here. But, remember to not catch the fish too much, so you can keep the continuity of Sepa's nautical.

2. Karang Congkak Island
This uninhabited island is perfect to do some outfdoor activities. Its beauty and clean waters are so fascinating. Camping at Karang Congkak is one of interesting activities that you should do at night. In the afternoon, you can play on the white sand beaches, swimming, or snorkeling.

3. Kotok Island
Kotok Island is favorite place to scuba diving at Thousand Islands. This island is an example wiith original vegetation and wonderful coral reefs.

You can reach Kotok only 90 minutes from Marina Ancol. This island also a conservation of Elang Bondol (the pride mascot of Jakarta).

The unique thing at Kotok Island is you can stay at tree house cottage. Those cottages placed above the big tree. So, you can enjoy the beautiful sea from your cottage.

Unfortunately, you can't do some water sport like jetski, banana boat, and cano. The reason is to keep continuity the nature at Kotok Island. 


Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.