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3 Ways Maximize Product Reviews for Your Online Business

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
29, October 2019

Quality of your products are top notch and ready to compete with others, you also have been intensively carried out a lot of promotions, but still there is one thing you should not miss to boost your business, customer reviews. A lot of customers believe online reviews and recommendation from family and friends affect their final decision to buy or leave a product. So, here are simple ways to maximize product reviews for your business.

1. Comment and Image Sections

Reviews are not only focus on giving rating (stars). Consumers have no doubt to buy if they read reviews which accompanied by honest comments and images. So, make sure you provide comment and image sections where potential consumers can read detail product reviews. They can consider the advantages, disadvantages of your products based on listed reviews.

2. Best Services

More reviews you got, easier to catch attention of potential consumers and make sure they buy your products. Asking for reviews from your consumers are not easy thing to do. It simply because not all your consumers will give their best comments. Therefore, before they buy your products either your social media, e-commerce, and so forth, you should provide best services. As the saying goes, consumer is king, if you can provide them best services they need, they will have no doubt to give you positive feedbacks. In addition with that, to encourage as well as make sure they give you positive feedbacks, give them little gifts such as discounts or shopping vouchers.

3. Responding Negative Reviews

Dealing with negative comments is not easy. You certainly cannot expect all your consumers give positive comments. When you find some negative comments, try to respond in good ways (manners). Make that opportunity, that criticism to something beneficial for your business forward. Consumers will feel less disappointed if you respond their (negative) feedbacks wisely. If you are success doing this point, potential consumers will see the loyalty of yours and have no doubt to purchase your products

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani