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3 Ways to Create a Good Blog Post

3 Ways to Create a Good Blog Post


1. Choose Topic Based on Your Needs
A blog post usually divided into three kinds of topic: narrowly focused posts, topical posts, and broad tactical posts.

Narrowly focused posts have particular topic (niche) that attracted some audience groups. Although it can be a good addition in a blog because it can attract niche audience that has a pretty high engagement level, this kind of post can only increase traffic in small amount.

Topical posts focus on newest issues. This kind of post is perfect to increase traffic in a short time. On the other side, topical posts can be quickly out of date.

Broad tactical posts are a kind of post that can draw attention continuously and also reach a broad group of audience. If you are planning to run a blog for a long period of time, broad tactical posts is a perfect choice. This kind of post usually has topics about product review, explanation of a process, and instructions.

2. Use a Smart Title
When arranging words for your blog title, think about something that people really wants. If someone types “query” in a search column, imagine if your blog post came up as the answer. For example, many people search phrase like “best product for XYZ”, or “how to do XYZ”. Your post title must also include phrase or words related to those things.

3. Know Your Post Structure
Typically, a good blog post has pictures, bold headline, bullet points, Q&A column, link to information, and not too long. Those elements are really important because it can make your blog visitors to easily read it in a fun way.