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3 Ways to Fix Small Room

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
16, May 2017

Expensive land price is one of so many obstacles for anyone who wants to have a big house. But you can fix it despite you only have a house with limited space.

Limited space often gives you stuffy and bored feels. Although you don’t have a big house, but there still some ways to fix your small room and keep it comfort.

1. Neutral Paint Colors on the Walls
Bright colors are always recommended as alternative option for small house. But, neutral colors can make large effect. You can choose white, creamy, light blue, or light gray on your walls.

These colors would create optical illusion where the room look larger than the actual size. The key is balancing that neutral color with soft color which can create ideal room shades.

You can also add other integrated color on furnitures to make the wall not look monotonous, but, it would be better if you synchronizing ceiling color with wall color.

2. Bright Floor Color
Use bright color such as white, orange, or other striking color on the floor. In this case, wooden floor or parquet are also allowed.

If you want other colors beside white, make sure the wall is white. This way would make your room looks large.

3. Bright Lamp Color
Small room match with white or other bright colors, because it will give large effect on the  room. Avoid using yellow lamp. That lamp would make your small room look smaller. Yellow lights only suitable for large room. Have a try!

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.