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3 Ways to Make Money on Rainy Days

By Eskanisa R

14 January 2020

Ideal business ideas to make money on rainy days.

Most people think rainy days make their daily activities being obstructed, either because the endless traffic or even flooding. However, you can make some money on rainy days with these ideas.

1. Raincoat and Umbrella

If you have some money to buy materials, this ideas is perfect to make some money during rainy days. Raincoats and umbrellas become two important items people always need. You can buy in large quantities from the wholesale and sell them in strategic ways where motorbikers pass by. In addition to raincoats, if you have remain money, you can also sell umbrellas in strategic places such as office areas, markets, and schools or colleges.

2. Warm Drinks

Besides coffee as most popular drinks many people are looking for and easily find at every corner of Jakarta, you can try to offer other warm drinks people also like such as bajigur (hot beverage made of coconut milk and sugar), sekuteng (ginger-based hot drink served with mung beans, peanuts, chunks of bread and milk drizzle), wedang ronde (glutinous rice balls in ginger syrup) and so forth. Also offer perfect companion for those warm drinks such as gorengan (fritters), sweet potatoes and peanuts.

3. Warm Food

Along with warm drinks, people also need to warm up their tummy with food. For those who like to cook, you can start make some money with sell bakso (meatballs), chicken soup, noodles, tekwan (fish ball soup) and other warm food which popular during rainy days.

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