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33 Degree Rooftop Lounge & Bar, Hidden Gem in Ancol

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20, October 2017

Do you ever feel need something more than usual, even Jakarta offering you a great amount of stunning bars, restaurant, both in terms in design, decoration, location as well as its menu.

After a period of tense work, you can enjoy free time with friends, and rooftop bar is your perfect choice. Like other rooftop bars, 33 Degree Rooftop Lounge and Bar also known as 33 Degree Skybridge located in rooftop hotel, Hotel Aston Marina, Ancol, North Jakarta.

The new rooftop bar start raising the roof after offering distinguish sensation you should not miss. 33 Degree Skybridge offering beautiful, elegant, modern dining area with classic bicycle and orange mural on the wall, both completely each other.

Feel satisfy looking around dining area? Come to this place, ocean breeze welcoming you when you stepped out. The real breath-taking sight of Jakarta will hypnotize you.

Rattan sofa dominated with blue and white color as appealing as the ocean with small boats mooring further up. Where else you can enjoy those breath-taking sight while relax after a period of work?

Its lounge and dining can accommodate up to 500 people and serving a wide range reasonably-priced tapas. Tapas derived from tapa in Spanish means snack as your dish and drink friends. Meat, seafood and poultry tapas, such as Lamb Medallion with Zucchini and Pochinni, Pan Fried Cube Gindara Three Color Capsicum Pure and Chicken Galantine, Gorgonzola and Swiss Brown you can taste for Rp83.000,-.

As tapas name implied, savoury flavour of those tapas make you want to reorder and will not stop chewing. Move to their main menu, you should try Salmon and Prawn with Mint Sauce for Rp228.000.  

Salmon chunks, bright red lobster look so tempting. It served with deep fried crunchy mashed potato, green beans, carrots and orange sauce, melting perfectly in your mouth.

Complete your journey with refreshing drinks, such as mocktail, cocktail, wine and their special mix drinks made based on your dishes, like Brownie mocktail, combination of apple juice, lemongrass, lemon, mint leaves and caramel, perfect companion for your Salmon and Prawn with Mint Sauce.


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani