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3foil.id – Community for Adidas Enthusiasts

3foil.id – Community for Adidas Enthusiasts


There is an unique community as a perfect place for those shoes made in Germany, Adidas enthusiasts in Jakarta. Named 3foil.id, established since 2013, successfully embracing Adidas enthusiasts from around the world, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan also England.

3foil.id also spread to several other cities, like Bogor, Bandung, Bekasi, Malang and Yogyakarta generally hold gathering. In Jakarta, 3foil.id usually hold gathering in café or city forest. Besides that, 3foil.id also educating the community members on what good or bad personal hygiene of their shoes. How to use special cleaning techniques for any shoes materials, how to distinguish between an authentic original Adidas and a fake one and other beneficial information.

Not only to the shoes enthusiasts, if you are accessories enthusiasts, like shirt, jacket, hat, even socks and other accessories, you can join with them. Exciting? Interested in joining? Please kindly check 3foil.id Facebook fan page and Instagram down below for further information.