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4 Android Features You’ve Never Heard of

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19, May 2017

As smartphones are becoming more and more powerful, so are their features. Let's say, checking out social media, sending emails, and even taking calls. In all seriousness, though, there are secret features that you can take full advantage of on your Android smartphone. This list of handy tricks with how to access developer options, how to get your phone to read to you, and more.

1. Remotely Turn Off and Reset Your Lost Phone

Losing your phone is bad enough, but it’s even worse when a stranger may have access to all your personal information. Luckily, Google has an excellent feature called Android Device Manager which lets you keep control over your device if you misplace it.

Android Device Manager does much more than just trace your phone, it allows you to call it, turn it off remotely or even reset it to the factory settings. Activate this feature by simply going to Settings > Security > Phone Management and access the site on your computer if you’ve lost your phone.

2. Voice Search with the Screen Locked
Some Android smartphones let you voice search by saying “OK Google” even when the screen is off. Unfortunately, only mobiles with a voice detection system enabled are able to carry out this feature.

To find out if your phone is able to do this trick, go to Google Settings > Search and Google Now > Voice > OK Google detection > Always On. Remember that you have to train Google to recognize your voice (this option is on the same screen). Phones that don’t offer the turned-off screen detection will have an option called “From Any Screen” instead of “Always On”.

3. Documents Scanner
Once upon a time, you had to invest in a huge scanner to make a digital copy. Today, your smartphone can function as a very versatile scanner in its own right. Even though the quality isn’t as good, the process is much more practical.

If you want to use your mobile phone as a scanner, you have several options. You can simply take a photo of the document and save it as an image, or you can use Google Drive to convert it. There are also excellent apps for this, such as CamScanner or Evernote.

4. Compass and Barometer
Do you know the various sensors that your phone has? Not only does it know which direction is north or south, but you can also download an app like Smart Compass or AndroiTS Compass Free to turn your mobile into a compass. A lot of phones also have a barometer which turns your mobile into a portable weather station. Apps such as Barometer Altimeter DashClock and Barometer Monitor can help you to anticipate changes in atmospheric pressure.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.