4 Best Sunset Spots in Jakarta

4 Best Sunset Spots in Jakarta


For some people, seeing sunset can be an enjoyable moment. If you are one of them, these places are must-visit for you to enjoy sunset!

1. The parking area of Lotte Fatmawati
You don’t have to climb a tall building because this location is so easy to be reached. You can enter the parking lot and then follow the entrance route towards the left side of this complex. There you will find an intersection where the left side is facing west, straight to the sunset.

2. The parking area of Senayan City
Just like Lotte Fatmawati parking lot, this place is also easy to be reached. Located on 7th floor, this spot is comfortable enough because it is quiet and not crowded. There are no tall buildings on this scenery so you can watch the sunset with the clouds freely.

3. The parking area of Grand Indonesia
At this location, you can take many photos with buildings as foreground. When you are lucky and find a perfect timing, you can also get nice sunset reflection from the buildings’ windows. Awesome!

4. Gambir Station
Besides the sunset scene, you can also capture the Monas scene when the sky gets dark, when the fountain reflection will be more beautiful. Go to the passenger waiting room on the upper floor, right beside the train platform and watch the amazing beauty.