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4 Common Mistakes When Choosing Career

4 Common Mistakes When Choosing Career


Career is a development for someone’s job. It’s so natural when someone wants to go up on his/her career. Along with getting older, there might be a certain target that someone wants to achieve. But we often find someone trapped in a career because of their mistakes. In order to have a suitable career, you would better avoid these 4 common mistakes:

1. Finding an Easy Job
It’s so important to know your skill and value your ability. Don’t be afraid to chase or accept bigger responsibility if you want to develop and improve your career. If you only choose easy jobs, don’t hope for a higher income or other development in your career.

Because an easy job is commonly provide at the lowest position. If you are comfortable with the easy job, it means you don’t want to improve your career. The key is to be brave to explore, don’t be afraid to take a challenges.

2. Work Only for the High Salary
Yes, everyone needs money. Receiving a high salary is really tempting. But what is the point of doing something you don’t like just because the money? Because that thing will not last long, except if the job is really your passion. If you work just to get high salary, there will be a high possibility for you to be trapped in a career you don’t love.

3. Just Accepting the Job Offer
If you accept a career from a company or others just because you don’t want to be seen as a jobless person, you would better rethink about it carefully. Because this can be trap and obstacle for your career. On a situation like this, forget about other people’s opinion of your condition. Because this is your life and the choice is all yours. Except if the things they offer is suitable with your passion.

4. Choosing Job by Parent’s (or Someone Else's) Suggestion
Sometimes there is no mistake of following parent’s suggestion. But it’s not that your parent’s job should also be your career path, right? Remember that people has their own unique personalities and abilities. There are so many people who work by their parents’ suggestion and not following their own interests.

Well, if you are one of them, you would better rethink about your future, because however it is, it’s you who will walk the path. If you don’t like the job based on your parent’s suggestion, this can make you down and stressed. And this will lead to the degradation of your career. The solution is, don’t ever be scared to show your real potential and interest to develop your career. Just be focus and make the best of your interest.