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4 Cool Malls in Bintaro

4 Cool Malls in Bintaro


Getting bored with Jakarta’s malls? Dare to try new spots in Bintaro?! Year by year, this area has developed their entertainment spots rapidly, from malls, restaurants, to property businesses. Speaking about malls, you can also find four cool malls in Bintaro. Take your time to hang out with your friends, do shopping, or even just window shopping at these malls. Check this out!

1. Bintaro X-Change
This mall is different than most of the malls in Jakarta. It has big garden with jogging track and mini theatre that can be used for weekend events. You can also play ice skating with your friends or family here. Well, for your info, they have the biggest ice rink arena in South East Asia. Wowza!

Bintaro X-Change
Bintaro Jaya Sektor Vll, Jalan Lingkar Tol, Kel. Pondok Jaya, Kec. Pondok Aren, Tangerang Selatan, Banten
Tel: +62 21 29865000
Operational hour: 10.00-22.00 (everyday)

2. Bintaro Junction
Unlike Bintaro X-Change, Bintaro Junction is not a new mall. You can shop all your outfit needs here, from clothing, shoes, bags, to accessories. This three-floored mall is also completed with many restaurants. Enjoy!

Bintaro Junction
Jl. Bintaro Utama, Pondok Aren, Tangerang Selatan - Banten 15220

3. Lotte Mall
This Korean mall can be your choice when you want to do shopping, eat out, and even karaoke! Enjoy many selections of café and restaurants here, such as Resto Ngalam, Radja Ketjil, Cobek Penyet, Seruput, Lotteria, and many more. You can also enjoy watching movies at Lotte Bintaro XXI Cinema. Have fun!

Lotte Mall
JL M.H. Thamrin CBD Area Kav. Blok B7 / 01-06, BintaroJaya Sektor 7, Tangerang
Operational hour: 10.00 – 22.00 (everyday)

4. Bintaro Plaza
This is the first mall built in Bintaro. You can also enjoy various restaurants and shopping spots here. There is also Hero Supermarket for your enjoyable grocery-shopping time. Completed with Fun World, Bintaro XXI Cinema, and Gramedia Bookstore, enjoy your family time here!

Bintaro Plaza
Jl. Bintaro Utama Sektor 3A, Tangerang Selatan, Banten
Tel: +62 21 7354888