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4 Effective Ways to Learn Foreign Language

4 Effective Ways to Learn Foreign Language


Besides enriching knowledge, learning foreign language can make us see things in a different perspective. Unfortunately, not every person has time or money to take language course. The best solution is self-taught yourself. Here are a few ways to learn foreign language effectively:

1. Interact with Foreigners
The best way to learn a language is to practice it. People tend to just learn language by remembering words without practice it directly. Talking to native speaker will make you more motivated than just reading a book or listening from a monitor screen.

2. Learn Routinely Everyday
Many people admit that they have learned a language for years but still cannot speak fluently. Learning for a long time is not a guarantee. Learning and regularly practicing are the keys. Commit to yourself and spare some hours every day. Learning a language needs many repetitions. Too long interval can make you forget what you have learned.

3. Always Bring Dictionary
You can bring a dictionary book or in a digital version. This can make you know about new words instantly. Moreover, when you have to talk to foreigners. With bringing a dictionary, you can also spare some time to learn new vocabulary.

4. Watch, Read, and Listen
Activities using foreign language will help your learning process. You can try to watch movies or TV shows in foreign language without subtitles. Reading an article in newspaper or magazine will also be helpful. It will be better if you try to write in foreign language. Start with simple things like writing a postcard or grocery list.