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4 Exercise Steps that You Can Do During Fasting

4 Exercise Steps that You Can Do During Fasting


Do not let Ramadhan as an obstacle to keep exercising. If you can choose the right time and the right exercise, fasting and exercising can go together.

You can gradually exercising. There are four very simple exercises and can be done anywhere in every week, so, you should not go to fitness center. Want to know what are they? Find out more below!

1. Stability Endurance
Week 1 is endurance stability exercise. This exercise can improve your body posture and make you get used of controlling your better body motion while doing daily activity.

2. Muscle Adaptation
Week 2, you can do muscle adaptation exercise that useful for build your muscle endurance, so you can keep doing physical exercise.

3. Body Tension
Week 3, you can totally do body tension exercise for keep and improve body coordination through your body motion to any direction. This exercise may include handstand.

4. Core Muscle Activation
The last week of Ramadhan is for core muscle activation exercise. Exercise intensity on this week will be declining and focused to strengthen your core muscle.

If you want to use additional weight in hand, you can use a bottle and fill it up with water or sand. Or you can use carpet to replacing mattress.

Overall, these 4 exercise steps are having mild to moderate intensity, so it safe to doing while you are fasting.