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4 Forgotten Credit Card Charges

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07, August 2017

Credit card becomes prima donna, because it easy to use and offers plenty deals for those who loves shopping. But, behind those tempting stuffs, there are several charges make your credit card no longer ease to be used.

Cardholders get surprised after they get credit card bills bigger than they thought. After double crosscheck, they charged other costs excluding certain transactions they made.

They tend to pay attention of credit limit, transaction fees and its interest rate. While, there are some costs need to be paid off. Here are several forgotten charges deserve your attention:

1. Stamp charges

For every retail transaction from Rp250.000,- up to Rp1.000.000,- will be cost by stamp charge for Rp3.000,-, for the transaction more than Rp1.000.000,- will be charged for Rp6.000,-. They often forget this stamp charge when pay full payment bills.

For the example, you buy a smartphone worth Rp10.000.000,- using your credit card and planning to pay full payment before due date. But, you only pay Rp10.000.000,-, without pay the stamp charge for Rp6.000,-. You should not be surprised if you find extra charge month afterward.

2. Over-limit charges

Every cardholders should know their credit card limit or maximum balance your credit card, for transaction or cash withdrawal limit. Cardholders who make purchases surpass its credit limit transaction may charge with over-limit fees. Bank suggests a maximum over limit fee for 5%.

3. Conversion currency charges

As non-cash transaction tools, credit cards are useful, especially for those who travel often, because they do not have enough time to exchange money. But, cardholders used to be wisely while using credit card overseas. Credit card companies or bank commonly apply conversion cost or exchange rupiah to foreign currency. It depends on each companies policies.

4. Auto-debit cancellation charges

Auto-debit feature make your credit card payment easier, you can pay it before due date. But, make sure if your account balance is enough to pay card bill. If for any reason you don’t have money in the bank, you get hit with the bank fees for insufficient balance and the card fees for auto debit rejection.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani