4 Fruit Combinations to Avoid

4 Fruit Combinations to Avoid


Fruits is the best kind of meal we can have. Do you realize certain fruits should not even combine with each other? Commonly, fruits have less potential of Hydrogen (pH) caused accumulation of acid on kidney. Here are some fruits you should not even combine.

1. Orange and Carrot

You better eat these two separately, both are contains vitamin C and A. But, if you combine these two, no longer healthy for your body. Combination of orange and carrot caused abdominal pains that affect your kidney later. It usually sell as juice combination, because we are lacking of information about its side effects.

2. Papaya and Lemon

Both of them contains a lot of vitamin C, but papaya has higher vitamin C than lemon. Combination of these high vitamin C fruits lead to anemia.

3. Guava and banana

These two lead to dizziness and nausea. Combination of guava and banana more likely produce acidosis and gas, that reaction caused nausea and vomiting. 

4. Pomegranate and apricot

These two equally have benefits for your health. But, these two contains a lot of proteins and high sugar. Combination of proteins and sugar make your stomach upset. High blood sugar causes your digestion slows down. Better to avoid this combination.