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4 Helpful LinkedIn Features for You

4 Helpful LinkedIn Features for You


LinkedIn is one of the social medias that can enhance your business needs. This social media can be a help if you are looking for a job or just want to expand your business relation. According to Mashable, there are 4 features from LinkedIn that can be a help for you even if you are not looking for a job. Check it out!

1. More Depth on Job Posting Feature
From their blog, LinkedIn announced that now there is an in-depth feature on the updated job vacancy post from employers that are looking for candidates. For example, if you are a candidate you can find out about other connections between you and the company, the company’s history on recruiting candidate with the same potential as you, and who are going to be your colleagues when you are accepted in the company. By this feature, you can at least visualize your working environment in the company, right?

2. Greater Emphasis on Skills
The LinkedIn Skills feature is now more considered by companies. Because of that, if you want to draw attention of your dream company, update your skills based on your ability and the targeted job. So, now the skills written on your profile aren’t just an ‘accessory’ but also become one of the considered points by the company who are seeking for candidates.

3. New Group Experience
If you join a group in LinkedIn, you might get more view from companies or other connections. And now if you want to publish a post in the group, you can attach pictures and mention other group member. So, your experience on using LinkedIn group will be more interactive.

4. Different Messaging System
If the earlier messaging system in LinkedIn is resembling an e-mail, now you can see a new interface like messaging through a chat. Even though the interface looks casual now, but don’t forget to keep a polite conversation style with the recruiters, okay?