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4 Main Marketing Key in the Era of Digital

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
04, February 2016

Entering the digital era makes everything in life changes: the way of communication, the banking services, to marketing techniques. That is why the President of IMD Business School, Dominique Turpin, says there are 4 main keys for marketing in the digital era. What are those? Check below!

1. Focus On Customers 
This is an unavoidable thing in marketing, even from the era before digital technology came. Find out the needs or the problems of your target audience, and give the right product that can solve their problems in a good and cheap way. After getting your customer’s satisfaction, give them also trust and loyalty to maintain your customers.

2. Meet Your Customers 
Meeting your customers means that you must be where your customers are. If you have a clothing business, find out which social media or website your customers come to the most. Is it Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook? If your customers come mostly from the Instagram, it is time to make an Instagram account for your business. Through the Instagram, you can meet ‘directly’ with your customers to give latest news or ask for feedbacks. The digital marketers must know which social media their customers spend most of their time at and ‘meet’ them there.

3. Let the Others Speak 
Word of mouth is a useful way of communication for business owners. As a first step, you can give a satisfying experience for them so they can spread the story to their circles. These people are your potential customers, that will at least visit your website to find out, if not purchasing right away. The point is, you have to give your best, even if you are just starting. If you already have many customers, give consistency on your services.

4. Master Your Experience 
If the 3 steps above are already done, you must have had quite an experience. Master your knowledge and experience, and follow the latest technology and information development in time. Keep asking, if your business is already in the right path at the moment, or do you still need transformation? You decide!

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono