4 Movies to Watch This Weekend

4 Movies to Watch This Weekend


Do you have a plan to watch movie at movie theater this weekend? Have you know what movie to watch? If you still have no idea, we give you 4 movies recommendation you should watch this weekend Check it out!

1. Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2
The Guardians are back at it again with the saving of the galaxy in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) finally meet his father who unfortunately has a vicious mission.

2. Critical Eleven
Award-winning actor, Reza Rahadian back again to show us his great acting on this romance movie. Adinia Wirasti will be his opponent on this based on best selling novel by Ika Natassa movie. Critical Eleven telling about Ale and Anya's meeting on their Jakarta-Sydney flight until them both love each other.

3. Alien: Covenant
Who doesn't know this francise movie? The film is a sequel to Prometheus (2012), the second installment in the Alien prequel series and the sixth installment overall in the Alien film series. 11 years after the Prometheus expedition, the colonization ship Covenant planned going to new planet which is a dangerous planet.

4. Satria Heroes Revenge of Darkness
This Indonesian superhero movie telling a year after Satria Garuda Bima-X (Ray) beats VUDO. Ray and Rena decided to go back to their parallel world. Unexpectedly, vicious power attacks the earth with no mercy. Dimas as Torga attacked and Ray decided to go back to earth to help his friend. This movie is perfect to watch with your kids.