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4 QR Payment Owned by Top Banks in Indonesia

By Isny Dewi R

11 February 2019

4 banks who have QR payment.

In this sophisticated era, we have many choice of payment systems. One of payment systems that is now being used frequently is the payment system using QR (Quick Response) code. This latest digital payment system has been chosen by many young people to make online payments because it is easier and faster. You only have to scan QR code every time you make a payment. Of course it requires an internet connection to do this digital transaction.

Top banks in Indonesia are now also joining in to provide QR payment technology. The following are four major banks in Indonesia that have launched QR payment system.

1. QRku (BCA)
Previously QR payment could only be used on Sakuku, but now QRku can be used in BCA m-banking application. So, for those who already have m-banking application you can enjoy the convenience that QRku provides.

The advantage of QRku BCA is that you can transfer money to fellow BCA customers who have m-banking or Sakuku application only with a QR code scan, so there's no need to asking for an account number if you want to transfer money. After making a payment, there will be an inbox saying that your transfer was successful.

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2. YAP! (BNI)
BNI itself become the first bank in Indonesia to launch QR payment technology. Its name is quite unique, YAP! (Your All Payment). YAP! also very popular because it often offers various best deals to its customers. Another advantage is YAP! using three source of funds, debit card, credit card, and BNI Electronic Money (UnikQu).

3. Mandiri Pay (Bank Mandiri)
Bank Mandiri recently launched its QR payment payment. Uniquely, Mandiri Pay can be used for anyone even if they’re not Bank Mandiri customers. If you are not Bank Mandiri customer, you can top-up using an e-cash account. No need to making it, every Mandiri Pay user will automatically have an e-cash account. So you can top up your balance anywhere.

4. MY QR (BRI)
Payment transactions via MY QR is using T-bank as a source of fund. T-bank itself is a server-based electronic money product owned by Bank BRI. To use BRI's QR payment feature, you can download the application first.

Top up MY QR is very easy, including BRI work units, BRI/other bank ATM machines, CRM machines, EDC, BRILink agents, BRI internet banking, and mobile banking. In other words MY QR can be used both for BRI customers, other bank customers, and unbanked people. MY QR is also a pioneer of QR payment that allows other banks customers and unbanked people to use this feature.

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