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4 Taxi Companies That Dominated Jakarta

4 Taxi Companies That Dominated Jakarta


Taxi is a transportation that is often used in Jakarta. That is why, many taxi companies came up to meet people’s demand for transportation. But only 4 taxi companies that can be said as “dominating” this Metropolitan City. Here are the 4 taxi companies that often used by people in Jakarta.

1. Blue Bird
This taxi is under the management of Blue Bird Group. This taxi is known with its blue-colored vehicle with the logo of a crane bird. Besides that, Blue Bird also has friendly service and polite drivers. Blue Bird has a subsidiary named Pusaka. This taxi is the most easily found anywhere, either on malls or hotels. This taxi company prioritizes security and safety to its passengers.

Website: http://www.bluebirdgroup.com
Tel: +62 21794123
Facebook: Blue Bird Group / https://www.facebook.com/bluebirdgroup.official
Twitter: @Bluebirdgroup / https://twitter.com/bluebirdgroup

2. Express
This white-colored taxi is also often passed on the streets of Jakarta. It has a signature logo of the word “Express” with the blue color on the first letter and black color on the rest of the letters. This taxi company offers various taxi services starting from Regular Express, Tiara Express, Limousine Express, Eagle High, and Eagle Taxi. Every service surely has different prices. For more info, you can directly contact Express Taxi with the information written below.

Website: http://www.expressgroup.co.id
Tel: +62 21 26509000
Facebook: Express Group / https://www.facebook.com/ExpressGroup.Indonesia
Twitter: @Express_Group / https://twitter.com/Express_Group

3. Gamya
This green-colored taxi also has friendly service just like other taxi. Uniquely, this taxi does not allow its passenger to smoke inside the car to keep its cleanliness to create a comfortable atmosphere to its passengers. Gamya can also be easily found in office buildings, shopping malls, and airport.

Website: http://www.gamya.com/
Tel: +62 21 877795555 / +62 21 8403838
Facebook: -
Twitter: -

5. Taxiku
Along with people’s need for taxi, Taxiku is here to help and contribute for people in Jakarta. This taxi has already been operated since October 2002. The yellow-colored vehicle also passed by the streets of Jakarta. Taxiku is operated in around Jakarta, Bekasi, and Tangerang.

Website: http://www.taxiku.com
Tel: +62 21 4786 2121 / +62 21 3003 2121
Facebook: Taxiku Group / https://www.facebook.com/Taxiku-Group-313305028711409/timeline
Twitter: @TAXIKUGROUP / https://twitter.com/TAXIKUGROUP