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Fun Snorkeling and Diving Spots in Thousand Islands

Fun Snorkeling and Diving Spots in Thousand Islands


Thousand Islands have its own beauty. These islands are still in Jakarta area and many tourists love to visit here. Thousand Islands offer you many tourism activities such as snorkeling and diving. Here are some fun spots to do snorkeling and diving in Thousand Islands.

1. Gosong Perak Island
This island has its own uniqueness, on a low tide you can see an island of sand in the middle of the sea. But when the tide is high, this island of sand disappeared at Java Sea. Even so, this island is the most popular snorkeling spot with a magnificent underwater view. You can reach this island through accommodation from Harapan Island.

2. East Patondan Island
For diving lovers, this island is the perfect spot. It has a depth of 32 meters and exciting sea view. On this island, you can explore its underwater world where you can find shipwreck which has been overgrown with colorful coral reefs. To reach this island, you can use accommodation from Pantara Island resorts and then rent a boat to this island.

3. Semak Daun Island
The sloping beach, white sand, and calm waves make this island is the most visited island in Thousand Islands. This island is also tourist’s favorite spot to do snorkeling. The beauty of its beach is also breath-taking. Semak Daun Island is closed to Pramuka Island. So if you are planning to visit this island, you better spend the night also at Pramuka Island.

4. Kayu Angin Genteng Island
This island is closed to Macan Island. So it is easier for you if you plan to do outdoor recreation such as diving or snorkeling. Not only that, this island has magnificent underwater panorama. When snorkeling and diving, you can see many kinds of fishes and coral reefs. It is guaranteed, after you snorkeling and diving here, you will have a refreshed mind!