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4 Tips Manage Your Financial During Ramadhan

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
22, May 2017

Ramadhan is a month full of blessing where Muslims around the world required to fasting and do other worship maximally. But, such as already be tradition in Indonesia, many basic needs become more expensive in this month. This thing make you have to find ways, so you will not dithered on manage your financial. In fact, it is not so hard, Check In Jakarta give these 4 tricks to help you manage your financial during Ramadhan.

1. Budgeting More for Basic Needs
If in regular months, you usually budgeting basic needs to a specific amount, in Ramadhan, you have to budgeting it more. Usually, in Ramadhan you will invited to break fasting event with your friends.

2. Shopping Basic Needs Earlier
Before Ramadhan come, try to preparing basic needs earlier. Usually supermarket will give special discount in order to welcoming Ramadhan.

3. Preparing Special Budget for Alms and Zakat
Ramadhan also become sharing moment. You definitely want to do this kindness. So prepare special budget, both for alms and zakat.

4. Buy Mudik Tickets Earlier
For you who always do mudik tradition, buy the tickets earlier. Besides you can get cheaper price, you will also not to be worried the tickets will sold out. Usually train tickets start sell since three months before Eid come.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.