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4 Types of Native Advertising

4 Types of Native Advertising


Native advertising or native ad is one of the advertising technics that often used in online advertising. According to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), there are 4 types of native ad. Let’s know more about it with this article!

1. In-Feed Ad Units
This is the most frequent native ad used. In-Feed Ad Units makes the advertisement resembling the content of the website or other platform where the ad placed. It’s like the advertisement is also the part of the website content. So people can read it unconsciously without realizing they click on an advertisement.

2. Search Ads
This ad type places the advertisement when a search engine shows search results. Of course, the ad shows up when the keyword is related to the ad. But sometimes the ad does not show up because native ad also matches the device owner’s preference and search engine history. This is also a kind of search engine marketing (SEM) strategy.

3. Recommendation Widgets
This type of ad usually filled with the content from the same website. For example, a website with article content wants the reader to visit other articles to increase the visitor per article. So usually they will put a widget with the words “Read also…”, “See also…”, “Recommended for you…” below an article, followed with the article link.

4. Promoted Listings
Promoted Listings usually shows up in an e-commerce site because it will show other product advertisement for promotion. When accessing an e-commerce site, you will see a thumbnail with the promoted products. The thumbnail is the part of Promoted Listings.