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4 Ways to Choose the Right Travel Luggage

4 Ways to Choose the Right Travel Luggage


Have you ever experience damage luggage while traveling? It might be happens to hundreds time. It occurs due to several factors, like falling from the height, irresponsible airport employee or might be the quality itself. For the last reason, Check in Jakarta give you simple ways to choose the right one, here they are!

1. Best luggage material

Canvas luggage may seem like a good idea at the time, cheaper than the other materials but poor quality. Ballistic nylon or polycarbonate luggage stronger than canvas one. Those high quality and strong build luggage offered in higher price. Consider it as your investment, rather than buying new luggage every single year you go trip. 

2. Easy to carry luggage

It should be easy to carry around. Find the right luggage with easy grip handle. Give a try before purchase. Comfortable handles make carrying easy. Check the wheels to be sure they do not seem to flimsy. Flimsy wheels indicate your luggage easily damaged.  

3. Medium size luggage

It is true, the bigger the luggage, the more stuff you tend to fill it with. But, is it necessary, to bring mostly inflexible luggage every time you go trip? Better to pick cabin size luggage, or at least in a compact size. You can avoid extra charge for bulky luggage you bring. Medium size luggage also fit perfectly for those who want travel with bus or train. 

4. Luggage with metal zip

Mishandled luggage at the airport make you worry, if you need to avoid that situation, better choose luggage with metal zip. Metal zip cannot be easily broken, even with sharp objects like knife. Hopefully helpful!