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4 Ways to Increase Your Reading Speed

4 Ways to Increase Your Reading Speed


Have you ever been in a meeting and feel that people read their slides of presentation faster than you? If so, you might have to adapt yourself to the people around you. Here are a few ways that can increase your reading speed without reducing the level of comprehension:

1. Pick Out Your Text Selectively

Do not always assume that we have to read every word. A study from H.Y. McClusky shows that we can save time with filtering words. Even so, you have to do it well so the message can be understood. For example, it is recommended to read the intro and the conclusion from a text.

2. Use Pointer

Reading with pointer might remind you about your childhood experience. According to Mindstool.com, using pointer can make your eyes and brain more focused. Try to do it and feel that your speed of reading is increasing.

3. Have a Purpose

Setting goals in reading will trigger your curiosity and prepare your mind to receive information. Either to add more information or only for relaxation, try to have a purpose to read the object from a text. This process can make you more alert so your comprehension ability can also increase.

4. Read It as a Relaxation

We are always motivated to do something important for us, including in reading. When we read, try to find a topic that is interesting and makes you enthusiast. Therefore, your brain will process the words easier.