5 '90s Romantic Comedies that You Must Watch This Weekend

5 '90s Romantic Comedies that You Must Watch This Weekend


90s is the sparkly decade when rom-coms hit a theater almost every weekend. These top 90s romantic comedies are worth watching to remember those years you wanted to spritz on some Exclamation perfume and go find your own Ethan Hawke.


1. Sleepless in Seattle
You can’t get a more perfect rom-com pairing than Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Of course the two were great in that other 90s romance. Who listens to radio call-in shows? Who calls them? The sweetness of the film transcends old school technology. Ryan's Annie and Hanks's Sam are apart for the vast majority of the film, falling in love with each other sort of by proxy and definitely by accident. Also, any film that ends with the Empire State Building lit up like a big heart is undoubtedly essential.

2. You’ve Got Mail
Ryan and Hanks get dated again. The pair play New Yorkers who have an online romance via email , unaware that they are business rivals. She owns an independent book shop, he heads up a string of chain mega bookstores.

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3. 10 Things I Hate About You
Shakespeare has never been so hilariously romantic as this 90s retelling of The Taming of the Shrew set among high schoolers. Bianca can’t start dating until her cranky older sister, Katarina (Julia Stiles) does. So one of Bianca's suitors pays bad boy Patrick (Heath Ledger) to seduce Kat. As far as grand gestures go, it doesn’t get much better than Heath Ledger singing “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” while dancing on the bleachers.

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4. While You Were Sleeping
Sandra Bullock falls in love with a guy in a coma — or, more precisely, she develops a crush on a dude who then falls (literally) into a coma, finds herself mixed up in a lie that she's his fiancée, then falls in love with his brother (and the rest of his family). It's a mess, but it's a sweet, sincere mess, and Bullock has never been better.

5. My Best Friend’s Wedding
Is Julia Roberts our finest rom-com queen? She's definitely up there, and her ability to do the romance and the comedy in new and different ways certainly doesn't hurt. In the hands of another actress, My Best Friend's Wedding could be a little icky — this girl is going to break up her BFF's wedding because she suddenly realizes she's into him?! — but Roberts brings the charm so hard that you almost forgive her.

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