5 Advantages You Can Get From Drinking Coffee

5 Advantages You Can Get From Drinking Coffee


Majority, people in the world love to drink coffee. But do you know that drinking coffee had some benefits? According to Reader’s Digest Indonesia, here are the benefits that you can get from drinking coffee, check it out!

1. Coffee Gives You Much Antioxidant
We all know that fruits and vegetables having a huge antioxidant content. But, the body absorbs antioxidant more from coffee. The fact is obtainable on a study conducted in 2005.

2. Smelling Coffee Can Reduce Stress
Notes, coffee’s smell does not mean it can reduce stress widely or stress that already severe, but the stress inflicted due to less break or too busy.

3. Reduce Parkinson’s Impact
A fact revealed that drinking coffee will help people with Parkinson disease can control their body movement. Study show that more often someone consume coffee highly unlikely affected by Parkinson, but this is only one of first study in humans which shows that caffeine can helps in terms of the motor difficulties.

4. Make Brain Healthy Longer
A study found that people at age 65 years old and having the womb caffeine higher in their blood, exposed to Alzheimer slower two to four years compared to those who has lower caffeine in their body. But it does not mean that consume coffee in measure were really protecting the humans from Alzheimer. Anyway, coffee is believed can help minimizing the risks, or at least delay the Alzheimer.

5. Reduce The Risks of Diabetes Type 2
Coffee also known can be exposed to reduce the risks of diabetes type 2. A study found that those who drank 4 or more cups of coffee a day, it can be lowered chances infected by diabetes type 2 to 50 percent. In addition, affected by the disease risk will also be reduced 7 percent, for each one cup additional.