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5 Affordable Travel Tips to Stay Within Your Vacation Budget

5 Affordable Travel Tips to Stay Within Your Vacation Budget


It seems like vacation is a part of basic human needs. But, it is also can be your finance disaster, if you can not manage it well.

However, if your finances can not bear the weight of an extravagant trip right now, finding ways to travel affordably may not be as tough as it seems. It just requires careful planning, savvy solutions, and thinking beyond typical vacation options.

Quoted from moneycrashers.com, there are 5 ways you can do to get your holiday without interfere your finance.

1. Set a Travel Budget
Booking travel without any set budget in mind can be dangerous. By looking over your current personal budget and taking your savings, fixed expenses, and variable costs into consideration, you can see where you have a little wiggle room for a vacation.

Many travel sites and apps now allow you to set your budget and restrict costly search results from appearing.

2. Travel During the Low Season
If you have got a flexible schedule, you can save a ton simply by traveling during the off-season. And, as an added bonus, you can benefit from less crowded attractions and have a less stressful overall experience. Tourist seasons vary by destination, but generally speaking, traveling during the summer months or during holiday breaks means paying more for airfare, gas, and accommodations.

3. Look for Hotel Alternatives
You can slash costs significantly simply by exploring non-traditional accommodations. What is more, some off-the-beaten-path hotel alternatives might actually help you save money on vacation expenses.

You can avoid paying high hotel costs by staying at hostels. They offers inexpensive lodging to travelers. You may have to share a room and bathroom with other travelers, but you get your own bed.

If you are lucky enough to have friends at a travel destination, call in a favor. It is a great way to cut your hotel costs, and they can probably give you tips on things to do while you are in town.

4. Plan Shorter Trips
Whether you are traveling for relaxation or exploration, you do not need to jet off for weeks at a time to get the experience you want. Shorter travel blocks offer the same benefits as longer vacations, and they can cost much less.

Plenty of shorter trips can help you recharge, explore different areas, and experience something new, even if it is within your home state. Traveling to your state capital, visiting a nearby state park or campground, or going to a museum or local theme park can all be done on the cheap. Some attractions and hotels also offer resident deals if you can prove that you live in-state. As an added bonus, planning shorter, closer-to-home trips means you can drive instead of fly, saving the money you would have spent on airfare.

5. Watch for Deals
By keeping an eye out for airline ticket deals to the exact destination you want, you never miss a sale and can travel on the cheap.