5 Amazing Year End Destinations

5 Amazing Year End Destinations


Do you already find perfect spot suit your family, friends or beloved ones needs during long holiday? Here are amazing year-end destinations ready to pamper you to welcoming the upcoming year.

1. Maldives

photo source: telegraph.co.uk

It feels like everyone choose this destination tourist as their favourite location for holiday. Maldives is an exclusive island offering luxurious facilities you can enjoy at affordable prices. Starting from scuba diving at Cocoa Island, see manta rays hide between corals at Manta Point and sunbathing at Nika Island.

2. Iceland

photo source: best-served.co.uk

Iceland offers dozens amazing places to be enjoyed this end of the year. Like the Blue Lagoon, hot spring pools with beautiful views to hunting Nothern Lights (aurora) you can see if you find perfect location and timing. You can get a very rare and beautiful aurora using a tour service.

3. Santorini

photo source: discovergreece.com

This beautiful, exotic island has become favourite destinations of many couples to spend their year-end holiday. A beautiful sunset view is the main attraction here. Make sure you make a time to visit Oia. The white walls building, streets full of marbles, perfect scenery for your Instagram feeds. For sunset enthusiasts, make sure to put Red Beach to your list.  

4. Bora-Bora

photo source: fourseasons.com

Get your memorable year-end holiday by visiting Bora-Bora. Beautiful beach, calm waves, white sand complete every steps you make in Bora-Bora, it way more complete with facilities offered at fantastic price. You can choose a hotel above the sea as perfect place to stay. If you are lucky enough, while spending New Year’s Eve here, you can enjoy local dance and music performances.

5. New York

photo source: escape.com.au

Not only the Statue of Liberty, a tourist destination city to welcoming the upcoming year, New York, has a dozens of amazing destinations you should not miss. Start from the wold’s favourite tourist shopping paradise with colourful yet Instagrammable billboards, Time Square to the Brooklyn Bridge, to enjoy a perfect sunset right before New Year’s Eve.