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5 Applications Should be Removed from Your Phone

5 Applications Should be Removed from Your Phone


Your phone has limited storage even diverse application available for download and use. Large number of applications expected affect phone battery performance and endurance. Here are top five applications you should uninstall to save your battery life.

1. Anti-virus

Million smartphone users aware of a dangerous virus. But, Anti-virus apps can draining your battery life. It could be better to use your phone wisely while download something or surfing on the internet. Download any application you need via Google Play Store is highly recommended.

2. Battery Saver Apps

Claimed to gain your battery performance, most battery saver apps obviously make your phone running slow. Free battery saver apps draining your battery life while running.

3. Default Applications

Without realizing hotel booking application, games and other default applications from some smartphone manufacturers make your phone running slow. You can fix your phone’s speed issues with uninstall bloatware (unnecessary default applications) through app drawer.

4. Cleaning Application

This unnecessary application is most downloaded application, like Clean Master. Meanwhile, to clean cache after uninstall some applications, you only need to click Setting menu, then Storage and choose Clear Cache and Ok.

5. Default Browser

Besides default applications, Android also provided with default browser, either developed or included by its manufacturer. Unfortunately, most default browser consuming a lot of battery power also internet access quota. Save your battery and internet access quota by using Chrome which design specifically to reduce internet access quota.