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5 Apps to Support Your Worship During Ramadan

By Isny Dewi R

12 May 2020

Apps that can be downloaded on Play Store to support your worship during Ramadan.

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In an increasingly sophisticated era like now, technology has contributed in various aspects, including worship. Many apps have emerged that can be used by the community to worship. In this Ramadan month, you can also take advantage of various apps that can be downloaded on Play Store to support your worship. Like these following five apps:

1. Al Quran Tajwid, Tafsir, Audio
As its name, the Al-Qur'an app is equipped with 30-colored complete tajweed, where each letter is given a different color according to the tajweed rules. In addition, there are also guidelines for tajweed laws for each color. Tajweed feature is useful to facilitate the readers in reading Qur'an in accordance with the actual tajweed rules.

Al Quran Tajwid also includes complete Jalalain interpretation of 30 juz in Indonesian. Some verses of tQur'an also including history of the reasons for the decline in Indonesian when the reader clicks on a particular verse. Asbabun nuzul is sourced from the book by Imam Jalaludin As-Suyuthi. This Al-Qur'an app is also equipped with Murottal from 10 reciter.

2. Muslim Pro - Ramadhan 2020
Muslim Pro is a reminder app for prayer times and call to prayer that is quite accurate. This feature even includes visual and audio notifications as prayer reminders with several melodious muezzin sounds to choose from.

Muslim Pro also has other features that are very complete such as online Qur'an, Imsakiah schedule, Qibla direction, Hijri calendar, halal restaurants, nearest mosque location, zakat calculator, etc.

3. Marbel
This app is good for parents who want to introduce fasting to their children. Marbel is equipped with some material about fasting such as understanding fasting, the virtues of Ramadan, the practice of fasting, and the pillars of fasting. The material presented is displayed in cute animated illustrations, making it easier and makes children interested in learning.

4. Buku Saku Ramadhan

This app provides informations about Ramadan such as the virtues of fasting, the virtues of Ramadan, the beginning of Ramadan, the understanding of fasting, the sunnahs of fasting, zakat fithrah, and more. Buku Saku Ramadhan helps its users to enrich their insights and knowledge about Ramadan.

5. Menu Buka Puasa Lengkap
As the name implies, this app helps you who are still confused making takjil or iftar food menus or just want to add a collection of recipes for iftar so as not to get bored with the same menu.

Menu Buka Puasa can be used as a reference for cooking iftar menus during Ramadan. This app provides iftar menus along with complete recipes so that it is also perfect for its users who love to cook.

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