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5 Beautiful Islands in the Thousand Islands

By Isny Dewi R

18 September 2019

Wonderful and exotic islands in the Thousand Islands.

It's no secret that Jakarta also has stunning natural attractions. It’s the Thousand Islands which holds many exotic islands. Visiting the islands you’ll be amazed by its beauty and forget that in fact you are still in Jakarta. However, there are five islands that you must visit if you plan a vacation to the Thousand Islands. Where are those?

1. Macan Island
The island located in the south of Harapan Island has turquoise and very clean waters, not inferior to Maldives. If you can swim surely you can’t wait to dive right away, especially Pulau Macan also save incredible underwater beauty. On this island there are also simple accommodations such as private huts and cabins located on the shoreline.

Photo Source: Instagram @gesitwisnuprakoso

Macan Island can be reached for approximately 90 minutes from Marina Ancol. Pulau Macan itself is divided into two, Pulau Macan Besar where there’s resort and Pulau Macan Kecil which is uninhabited and almost untouched by visitors. Here, you can explore and surround the island. However, what you shouldn’t miss is enjoying the beautiful sunset which is amazing.

2. Perak Island
You could say the signature of Perak Island is its white sand and soft beaches. Try to step on it, you’ll definitely feel like sinking. So don't be surprised if many visitors prefer not to wear footwear while walking on the sand beach, because it feels more comfortable to leave your feet "bare" here.

Photo Source: Instagram @gabrieldhika

One of the exciting activities you can do at this island is playing a swing that is hung on a tree trunk on the beach. If you usually swing in the park, try to feel the thrill of different swings on the beach with the waves in front of you. Don't miss out to enjoying the beauty of the sunset at this beautiful uninhabited island.

3. Bulat Island
As the name implies, the island in Pulau Harapan District is round and not too big, it’s only 1.28 ha. Entering the beach pier, you’ll see the beauty of the Bulat Island with clear beach water, a stretch of white sand and surrounded by clusters of rock-like embankments that are useful to prevent big waves from hitting the Bulat Island.

Photo Source: Instagram @ratnarengganiss

Here, you can also enjoy the well-maintained underwater beauty. Among the coral reefs, you’ll also find sea stars and colorful sea shells. You can easily surround the Bulat Island without worrying about getting lost. Unfortunately, even though it’s beautiful, this uninhabited island is not good for camping because there are no MCK facilities (Bathing, Washing, Toilet).

4. Pari Island
This island is famous for its Virgin Sand Beach which is so amazing. Pari Island also has clear blue-green waters that are very charming. The distance to the island is also not too long, only about 90 minutes from the Port of Muara Angke and 45 minutes if using speedboat from the Marina Ancol Port.

Photo Source: Instagram @awaneko

The island with white sand beaches, calm waves, clear sea water, beautiful coral reefs and shady trees are perfect combination that makes Pari Island become one of favorite destinations in the Thousand Islands. The island is also a place for seaweed breeding that supports the economy of the surrounding community, as well as marine biota research supported by the government.

5. Tidung Island
Tidung Island is the most popular island in the Thousand Islands. The island is almost always full of visitors. Tidung Island consists of Tidung Besar Island and Tidung Kecil Island. Tidung Besar Island looks exotic with white sand beaches and stunning sunset view. While Tidung Kecil Island has mangrove forest vegetation managed by the local government 

Tidung Island is synonymous with Pink Love Bridge. It’s said that, if there are lovers crossing this bridge, their relationship will last forever. Apart from this myth, the Love Bridge is actually used as a link between Tidung Besar Island and Tidung Kecil Island. In addition, the sea area around this bridge is one of the best spots for snorkeling.


Top Photo Source: Instagram @jakarta_tourism

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