5 Benefits of Dates You Need to Know

5 Benefits of Dates You Need to Know


Dates are one of the fruits trending in Ramadhan month and also the suggested fruit to break your fast. This Middle Eastern fruit has soft texture, sweet taste, and apparently has some benefits when it is consumed in the fasting month. Let’s check out in this article!

1. Can Control Appetite
When the time for fast breaking comes, some people tend to eat a lot after holding their hunger for a day. Maybe it seems like a “revenge” to their appetite and this is actually not good for digestive system. Because the digestive system can be shocked from the previously empty to suddenly full in short time. Then, this is the time for the goodness of date will work. If you consume dates when breaking your fast, dates can hold your appetite so you can control your way of eating.

2. Help the Digestive System
Sometimes, the food you consume in this holy month will be hard to be digested because the lack of fiber in your body. But if you consume dates, this fruit will produce substance that can activate your digestive system from its rest while you are fasting. Dates contain soluble fiber and amino acid that will help your digestive tract. So, if you feel constipated, try consuming dates to accelerate the digestive system.

3. As an Energy Source
Not eating nor drinking while fasting will eventually make your body limp because of the lack of energy. Consume dates so you can gain your fitness back after fasting. This is because the dates contain natural sugars such as sucrose, glucose, and fructose. These three sugars will help producing your energy instantly.

4. Balancer of Blood Acidity
While breaking your fast, usually the blood acidity will increase because of the consumption of meat and carbohydrates on your menu. The acid blood is not good for your body because it can be the source of disease. By consuming dates, you have a ‘weapon’ to stabilize your blood acidity.

5. Good for Pregnant Women
Yes, if you are in pregnancy this month or in the next other months, you can enhance breast milk by consuming fresh dates that contain oxytocin hormone. Glucose and fructose contained in dates will also help to give power on the birth process. So, let’s add the dates stock in your house!