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5 Benefits of Working Freelance

Spectr News Theme Nadia Latief
09, November 2015

Sometimes people underestimate someone who is a freelance worker by not having a certain bond to one company. Some people often say that freelance worker does not have a fixed salary and have an odd job. But actually, there are some benefits behind working as a freelancer. Check this out!

1. Have Many Connections
Working in more than one place at one time will make you meet more people than just working in just one place. This can be a benefit for you who work as a freelancer. Knowing many people will make you have more connections outside your job field and this you can use this as an advantage.

2. Receive Many Feedbacks
Working as a freelancer makes you have a wider scope. Working with many people will surely make you receive a lot of feedbacks from people around you. You can receive this feedback and use it for introspection to be a better person.

3. Flexible Working Time
Different with fixed employee, a freelancer decides the working time based on their own availability. The working time can be more or less. The job is also can be done everywhere, since there are a lot of freelancers work online. But it depends on what kind of job you choose.

4. Higher Salary
Well, freelancer’s salary is often lower than the fixed employee at a place. But if a freelancer works in several companies at a time, the phrase of “A penny saved is a penny earned” will come true, right?

5. Be Your Own Boss
With being a freelancer, automatically you are being your own boss. You choose the jobs you want to do, the salary you expect, and the working ways that suit you best. Working freelance means building your own working system and obeying it.

Nadia Latief
Nadia Latief