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5 Best Padang Restaurants in Jakarta

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14, January 2019

Who doesn't like to eat Padang food? As we all know, there is no need to go to Padang, almost all over Indonesia, especially Jakarta, you can easily find Padang restaurants. But according to Check In Jakarta, these five restaurants serve the most delicious Padang cuisine.

1. Sari Ratu
This Padang restaurant is even famous in Singapore and Malaysia. Sari Ratu has spoiled the tongue of Padang cuisine lovers since 36 years ago. The menu served at this Padang restaurant is certainly very tempting, but the most preferred is Chicken Pop. It must be hard to decide what menu to order, because everything is tempting. Especially if you eat it with additional Sambal Ijo. You must be addicted!

Photo Source: @sariratukitchen

Sari Ratu
Instagram: @sariratukitchen
Address: Third Floor Plaza Senayan, Central Jakarta
Opening hours: Every day 10.30 – 21.30 WIB

2. Pagi Sore
RM Pagi Sore is not an original restaurant from Padang, but from Palembang. But the restaurant has super tasty rendang. Once inside your mouth, the rendang sauce tastes savory, sweet and spicy. The rendang texture is not hard or tough. The rendang meat is also savory and slightly sweet. Unlike rendang in another Padang restaurant which is generally red. At Pagi Sore, the rendang is dark brown. In addition to rendang, some menu that are visitors favorite are ayam pop, ayam goreng, ayam bakar, ayam gulai, to ayam rendang.

Photo Source: @pagisorekemang

Pagi Sore
Address: Jl. Kemang Raya No. 30, Jakarta Selatan
Phone Number: 021 22718550
Opening hours: Every day 07.00 – 22.00 WIB
Instagram: @pagisorekemang

3. Sederhana
This Padang restaurant has the most branches in Jakarta. Even though it has many branches, the food quality at Sederhana cannot be doubted and its deliciousness is very consistent. The most hunted here is Chicken Pop. But there is one menu that maybe not many people know and is worth trying, Nasi Goreng Minang. So authentic!

RM Sederhana

4. Medan Baru
This Padang restaurant in Jakarta is famous for its Gulai Kepala Ikan Kakap. The thick gulai's texture is really special. Combined with thick snapper meat, it makes a perfect match. The fishy smell from the fish's head didn't smell at all. The curry sauce is also different, the color is rather reddish yellow, not yellow like we know so far. Worth a try! Aside Gulai Kepala Ikan Kakap, Burung Punai Goreng is equally delicious.

Photo Source: Check In Jakarta doc.

Medan Baru
Alamat: Jl. Krekot Bunder Raya No.65, Ps. Baru, Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta

5. Garuda
The Padang restaurant from Medan is also legendary, because it has been around since 1976 and currently has spread its wings to Singapore. Many awards have also been achieved by Garuda Restaurant. Even this restaurant has been named the best restaurant in Asia ranked 79th version of The Daily Meal in 2011.

Here you can taste all kinds of menus on the table. But be careful and the bill swells, because almost all dishes are delicious. But still Ayam Pop is the most liked menu. The chicken texture is tender and the marinade permeates perfectly to the inside.

Rumah Makan Garuda
Address: Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No.79D, Kby. Lama Selatan, South Jakarta

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.