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5 Best Places to Have Beer in Jakarta

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26, April 2018

Qraving for a Beer tonight? Check In Jakarta have 5 best places recommendation for a beer in Jakarta. Check this out!

1. Brewerkz Bar & Grill
This originally franchise bar from Singapore is an American sport bar themed. Brewerkz also provides a pool table that visitors can enjoy. As a sport bar, Brewerkz is the ideal venue to watch live sports event on the big screen.

Brewerkz Bar & Grill is famed for its legendary microbrewery. Brewerkz Jakarta is introducing 4 types of their signature beer series, Golden Ale, India Pale Ale, Pilsner, and Oatmeal Stout along with some of their signature dishes such as BBQ Pork Ribs, Pork Knuckle, and Brewerkz Chicken Wings.

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Senayan City Crystal Lagoon Lantai LG, Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19, Central Jakarta
(021) 29235788
Saturday – Thursday: 11.00 – 00.00 WIB, Friday & Saturday: 11.00 – 02.00 WIB

2. La Biere Restaurant & Beer House
La Bière (means beer in French) is a restaurant with Indonesian and Western food, also become one of the best late-night hangout spots in Central Park. This bar has indoor and outdoor seating area that you can choose to enjoy your favorite beer.

La Biere offers many choices of beer, such as Erdinger, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Budweiser, Kilkenny, and others. La biere also serves western and Indonesian food, the most like, La Biere Baby Back Ribs. As well as pasta, pizza, sandwich, burger, salad and soup.
Central Park Mall, Tribeca Ground Floor, West Jakarta
021 292 000 43
Sunday – Thursday: 10.00 – 01.30 WIB, Friday & Saturday: 10.00 – 03.00 WIB

3. Arasseo Soju Bar
Arasseo's interior appears to be a hybrid of Korean and Scandinavian aesthetics. The stony, frosty white wall made it seems as if they have carved a hole inside a cold underground cave.

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Arasseo ideal for those who love soju but are put off by the stern atmosphere of a typical Korean bar. Here, the soju comes in various playful flavours, such as Melon, Bubblegum and Yakult.

Jl. Senopati No.16, Selong, Kby. Baru, South Jakarta
Sunday – Thursday: 12.00 – 23.00 WIB, Friday & Saturday: 12.00 – 02.00 WIB

4. Pizza E Bira
This place famous for its beers and fusion pizzas. This eatery targeted the hip younger crowds and yes, it’s a great hangout place for drinks and snacks after a long day at work.

Having both traditional Italian and non Italian, it will allow everyone to have a try at different pizzas and suit your tastebuds. If you just want to have a few drinks, then go ahead, their beer selection is not too bad, such as Corona Extra, Royal Dutch, Warsteiner, and many more.

This place offers both Italian food and non-Italian food, so you can enjoy different pizza but still fit with your palate. If you want to have a beer, no problem, they have good selection for you, such as Corona Extra, Royal Dutch, Warsteiner, and more.

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Pizza and beer time with your family, friends, or just hangout with yourself at the bar listening to great music or watching the latest sports game.
Gandaria City Lt. GF, Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda, South Jakarta
021 29052953
Sunday – Thursday: 11.00 – 22.30 WIB, Friday & Saturday: 11.00 – 01.00 WIB

5. B.A.T.S
Step into an underground New York bar and restaurant right in the heart of Jakarta with exposed brick and wood panelling, B.A.T.S. offers oversized portions of Western food and a great range of drinks. After your meal, enjoy the party mood with nightly live entertainment from the international house band.

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BATS has a live band, imported from Quebec the more often and playing Top 40 songs. The entrance fee is quite expensive, around Rp. 100,000, but they will serve you a very large beer. Very tasty steaks at the restaurant.
Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta Level 1, Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 1, Central Jakarta
021 2922 9999
Everyday: 17.00 – 03.00 WIB

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.