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5 Best Seller Fried Snacks in Jakarta

5 Best Seller Fried Snacks in Jakarta

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You can enjoy fried snacks anytime. Some people really enjoy it every day, and never get bored. You cannot leave it, even any kind of fried foods tie to increased risk of health problem. Savoury batter makes it more crispy and taste more delicious. Everyone definitely cannot resist it. Here are some most favourite fried snacks you can enjoy.

1. Fried Tempeh

Tempeh is a vegetarian soy food that has been eaten particularly in Indonesia. No surprise that tempeh in the first position. Most people pick tempeh as they come to the fried snacks stall. You also can make fried tempeh at home. Thick batter covering tempeh, fried until crispy brown and served with spicy sauce or bird’s eye chilli.

2. Vegetable fritter

Vegetable fritter (bakwan) is Indonesian version of tempura. This usually consist of some vegetables, carrots, cabbage, mushroom, beansprouts and scallions. Shredded all vegetables, combine all-purpose flour, rice flour and mix well. It taste more better with spicy sauce or bird’s eye chilli.

3. Fried banana

Mom’s choice to be served at home while visitor comes has savoury and sweet flavour. There are several bananas served as fried banana. People usually choose pisang kepok and plantain because those two have perfect texture to be fry until crispy.

4. Rissole

Rissole initially created in France, but in Indonesia, almost every stall of fried snacks selling this snack. Rissole stuffed by shredded vegetables, vermicelli, beef, mayonnaise also sausages, wrapped by batter that made from bread crumbs and eggs.

5. Stuffed tofu

Shredded vegetables make tofu taste more delicious. You can enjoy stuffed tofu with bird’s eye chili. Which one do you like?