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5 Business Careers Suit Creative Thinkers

5 Business Careers Suit Creative Thinkers


Are you creative thinker? Creative thinker usually has a great passion, desire of something that they like. Along with that, there is also a great amount of creativity, imagination, come up wherever they are. If you are one of the creative thinkers, here are five business suit your needs to get more money.

1. Video Editor

photo source: pixabay.com

You can even run this business not only for freelance but your main job. Bunch people need this service, to make their content, their video look more interesting, the demanding is creasing highly, so, you can give a try to run a videography consultant. One thing to note is branding, good promotion, because there is a lot of videography consultants. What specific services you offers? It could be your benefit, so your services chosen by prospective customers.

2. Make-up Artist

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It would be nice if business you choose based on your hobby, like this one. Become a make-up artist sounds so promising, but, it is not only to make your client faces look more beautiful, but also try to find a make-up job on film production. Because make-up artist in film production more likely less than film production itself. Changing actor or actress appearance according the scenario becomes your main responsibility. How challenging and fun is that.

3. Event Organizer

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Event organizer or event planner is highly recommended for every creative thinker. Making a basic concept to the execute an event, this one is quite promising for you. People nowadays need event planner for their big days, like wedding, bridal shower, birthday party and many more.

4. Designer

photo source: stylecraze.com

Many fashion event continuously bear new designers that offers unique style and design. Meanwhile, fashion industry dominated by most designers born from International, famous fashion schools, for those who are not graduated from any fashion schools can take this opportunity. Anyone become designer, it requires your hard work, unique taste as well as business knowledge to know your exact market. It also followed by good branding and management.

5. Unique Eats

photo source: cookingchanneltv.com

Competition in unique eats request you to think out of the box. It obviously is easy thing to do for every creative thinkers. For those who interested to try this promising business, make a good preparation. Planning, quick research in real market to know what kind of food that highly requested but production still limited until now. After that, make sure your taste as tempting as its display.