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5 Cheap and Strategic Hostels in Jakarta

By Isny Dewi R

12 September 2019

5 hostels in Jakarta with cheap rates and strategic location.

Capsule hotel and hostel are favorite choices for backpackers. As with staycation, they choose these type of lodging because they only need a place to sleep. There is no spacious room complete with TV and private bathroom. Your space is only a bed and usually only fits one person, but there are also some that offer bunk bed with a capacity of two people. But this is certainly not a problem for backpackers.

Hostel is also ideal for business travelers who have to go somewhere to finish their work for several days. Both backpackers and business travelers, they are not too concerned with many facilities in choosing a place to stay. The most important things are that they can sleep, take a shower, and maybe have breakfast.

Even so, that doesn’t mean they do not care about comfort. Now, it’s not difficult to find hostel that offer comfort at cheap rates and is in strategic location. Even in Jakarta there are many choices. What are these hostels? Here goes the list.

1. Whiz Capsule Hotel Thamrin

Photo Source: Instagram @whizcapsulethamrin.jakart

The capsule hotel owned by Intiwhiz Hospitality Management is located at Jalan Teluk Betung Number 43, very close to Grand Indonesia shopping center and only about five minutes' walk from Hotel Indonesia Roundabout. Whiz Capsule Hotel Thamrin provides around 50 more capsules with rates starting at Rp 135,000 per night.

Each capsule is 2 x 1.2 m2 with modern style design. In it has been equipped with air conditioning, single bed, pillow and high-quality linen to ensure you sleep well. Not to forget, there is also LCD TV with various channels, Wi-Fi, and laptop desk inside the capsule.

Each guest at this hostel also gets access to shared bathroom, private locker, to hair dryer. The bathroom at Whiz Capsule Hotel Thamrin is equipped with powerful rain shower with high-quality towel and hygienic toiletries. Very interesting, right?

Whiz Capsule Hotel Thamrin
Instagram: @whizcapsulethamrin.jakarta
Address: Jl Teluk Betung no. 43, Kebon Melati, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta
Phone Number: 021-21232309

2. Jakpod Hotel Kapsul

Photo Source: Instagram @jakpodhotel

You can find the capsule hotel in Central Jakarta on Jalan Plaju No. 16 in Thamrin area, near BNI City Station. Jakpod Hotel provides 76 capsule rooms consisting of 22 capsules for women and 54 for men, as well as one suite or private room. Not only that, there are also two jumbo-sized capsules, Female Double Capsule specifically for two women. The capsule hotel also features 17 shower cubicles and 12 toilets. Rates for a night at Jakpod Hotel start from Rp. 150 thousand.

The quality of capsules at this hostel also no doubt. Having dimensions of 2x1 meters, each capsule is made of ABS plastic which is the same material as the plane cabin. At Jakpod Hotel, guests will experience the concept of spaceship where the capsule is equipped with the best mattress, blanket, TV, charging port, headset, free WiFi, and futuristic light that can be controlled with atouch system, and locker for storing your items. The hotel also has an Instagramable spot in the form of graffiti murals on the walls.

Jakpod Hotel Kapsul
Instagram: @jakpodhotel
Address: Jl. Plaju No.16, Kb. Melati, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta
Phone Number: 021 314 4529 / 0812 9101 9967

3. INAP at Capsule

Photo Source: Instagram @inapatcapsule

This hostel is located in Kebon Melati area, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. INAP at Capsule carries a contemporary concept that is very perfect for millennials. This cheap hostel in Central Jakarta is equipped with some facilities that can adding the comfort of your stay, including shared kitchen, living room with bean bags and sofas, WiFi, to a mini sports center. Each capsule room has cozy atmosphere with natural full wallpaper.

INAP at Capsule is also friendly to public facilities, because it is only 160 meters from Sudirman Baru Station and Transjakarta Dukuh Atas 1 Bus Station, it is very easy to visit recreational places such as Monas, Senayan, and Kota Tua. Or popular malls in Jakarta such as Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Senayan City, and many more. Regarding rates, you are going to like it. Because the rates for staying at this capsule hotel are starting at only Rp. 100,000.

INAP at Capsule
Instagram: @inapatcapsule
Address: Jl. Martapura No.14, Kb. Melati, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta
Phone Number: 021 3103818

4. Wonderloft Hostel
Wonderloft Hostel is in strategic location. The Jakarta Old Town tourist area can be reached only by foot in a short time. The Kota TransJakarta Bus Stop is only 300 meters from this cheap hostel in Jakarta Old Town. Wonderloft also provides free WiFi, spacious locker to store luggage, pool table, ping pong table, shared kitchen, several computers ready to use, public space, and free breakfast.

Photo Source: Instagram @wonderlofthostel

And for the room, this West Jakarta hostel offers bunk beds which are divided into two types, mixed rooms, and women's rooms. There are also other type of rooms, bunk bed dorm with 4-bed dorm, Deluxe Twin Room with shared bathroom, Deluxe Twin Room with ensuite bathroom, and Small Twin Room with shared bathroom. Although it’s simple, but you can’t underestimate the convenience and the design. Each bed is also equipped with a locker and reading lamp.

How about the price? It’s great! Staying at Wonderloft Hostel is guaranteed won’t drain your wallet, because per night you only have to pay starting from Rp 95,000. Wow! What a perfect place to stay for backpackers!

Wonderloft Hostel
Instagram: @wonderlofthostel
Address: Jl. Bank No.6, Pinangsia, Tamansari, West Jakarta
Phone Number: 021 26072218

5. Nomad Hostel
This hostel has a trendy design, proving that traveling with a limited budget doesn't mean you don't stay in a good place. At least that’s what Nomad Hostel can proof us. As we know, the Kemang area in South Jakarta is a popular area for expatriates. This hostel in Kemang is quite close to many entertainment centers such as cafes, shopping centers, bars and restaurants, all of them can be reached by walking.

Different from most business hotels in this neighbourhood, this colorful Nomad Hostel deserves a place in your Instagram feed. One of the interesting areas in this Kemang hostel is the shared public area where you can interact with other guests. Common Space is equipped with a comfortable seating area, pool table and ping-pong. There is also a coffee shop that has indoor and outdoor areas, along with mini bar chairs.

The NOMAD Hostel Kemang by Archipelago International comes with 192 capsule rooms which are divided into four room types, room with 10 Pods, 14 Pods, 16 Pods and 20 Pods. The rooms are separated for male and female guests, but there are also mixed rooms. The hostel is equipped with several large shared bathrooms, swimming pool and coin-using laundry services. Rates for a night stay at this hostel start from Rp 130,000.

Nomad Hostel
Address: Jalan Kemang Barat No.8, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta
Phone Number: (021) 22716458


Top Photo Source: Instagram @nomadkemang

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