5 Common Electronics Causes of Higher Electricity Bills

5 Common Electronics Causes of Higher Electricity Bills


Do you ever find yourself confused with unstable electricity bills every single month? Do you realize your mistake causes the higher electricity bills? Here are common appliances causes higher electricity bills when you use them inconsiderately.

1. Rice cooker

If you find your electricity bills ups and downs every single month, while you are not using some appliances. There is some reasons with your bills get higher. One of the common appliances causes higher electricity bills is rice cooker.

There is a lot of TV, radio or newspaper advertising saying that warming up your rice using rice cooker takes only 5 watt. Check their label, it written in a rice cooker 350W/77W. In other words, it takes 350 watt to cooking the rice, and 77 watt to warming up your rice, not 5 watt.

You can buy rice cooker with lower watt, but if you have a big family, you can take the bigger one. To saving some money, please cook the rice nearly meal time, cook considerately for one meal so you do not need to use rice cooker to warming up the rice.   

2. Dispenser

Some people may be dependence with this appliance, especially for those who always drink hot water, to make hot drinks, like coffee, tea and many more. Do you know if dispenser causes higher electricity bills by the end of the month?

There is better way to saving up some money, you can turn on dispenser if you really need hot water. Dispenser takes 3 – 5 minutes to make hot water more than 90 Celsius. It way more better if you use teakettle and pour water into water thermos to keep it hot.

3. Water pumps

Due to water pumps using, same bills will raising the roof. It will be better to buying a big water tank, so you do not need to turn on water pumps too often. Besides that, you can choose the automatic one, when water tank full, it will automatically turn off.

Unclean water pumps also causes higher electricity bills. Clean your water pumps, regularly. Check if there is leak pipe or not. You can also give some oil right in the spinning part.

4. Air conditioner

Unsteady weather causes some people turn their air conditioner for long time. Comparing with other appliances, air conditioner use a lot of electricity that causes high electric bills. Even 1 PK air conditioner charges for 700 watt. How about some air conditioners you use? It can be your dilemma, for those who cannot live without air conditioner, you can out 24 – 25 Celsius as ideal temperature in a closed room.

When you are going out, make sure to turn off the air conditioners. You can also saving some money by simple cleaning to keep your air conditioners humming and work more efficiently. If its filter and coil clean, it will not cause you a higher electricity bills.

When buying a new room air conditioner, look for the energy saver one that means it can adjusting the temperature with how many people in a room, automatically. Or you can choose air conditioner with lower PK.

5. Television

Start from now, do not let your TV om when it is not being used. Do not turn TV on before bed, it charges you higher electricity bills because you fall asleep and TV is being on for the whole night. It will be better to turn off and unplugging TV sucking up power when not in use. Or, if you just cannot sleep without TV, you can use timer feature.