5 Culinary Spots in Central Jakarta

5 Culinary Spots in Central Jakarta


Culinary hunting is really fun. Moreover for those of you who likes food. There are several culinary spots that have various kinds of food and offer unique dishes, but still can spoil you. Where are the places? Keep reading this article!

1. Kota and Mangga Besar
If you are looking for food in the middle of the night and get confused because all of restaurants have already closed, relax, don’t get too confused. Try to visit the area of Kota and Mangga Besar. These two places are close to each other. In this area, you can find a food stalls that opens for 24 hours. This area is well-known with its Chinese food. Starting from porridge and other kinds of food.

2. Pecenongan
This area is almost the same with Kota and Mangga Besar. The difference is in here you can find more kinds of food such as Chinese, Indonesian, and martabak (Indonesian pancake). Pecenongan is well-known for the Martabak Toblerone and also the tempting seafood. So if you want to have a culinary tour, Pecenongan is also a heaven of good food.

3. Jalan Sabang
Well, this area is full of street food stalls that already have been here for a long time. You can find various kinds of food starting from satay, fried rice, to chicken noodle. But this area also has several unique and comfy cafés. Two of them are Café Sabang 16 and Kopi Oey. If you like traditional food, try Kedai Pelangi. They offer Makasar food such as Red Fried Rice and Palu Basah.

4. Menteng Park Street Food
This spot is well-known for its street food in Jakarta. Not much different with Jalan Sabang, here you can find fried rice, soto ayam (Indonesian chicken soup with yellow broth), to Maduranese and Padangnese satay. This place is located right next to Menteng Park.

5. Bendungan Hilir (Benhil)
When the fasting month has come, this area is full with street food stalls that sell many kinds of food, starting for tajil (food or drinks for breakfasting) to main course. But outside fasting month, this area is also well-known as a good food spot. Like Seafood Benhil for example, it is one of the most popular spots here. The price is also affordable. But this seafood tent is just opened from evening to night. And when you are on Benhil, don’t forget to visit Goedkoop. This coffee shop has a cozy atmosphere and affordable price. Curious to try?