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5 Culinary You Should Try at Thamrin 10

By Isny Dewi R

31 January 2020

5 culinary recommendations that you should try at Thamrin 10.

As we know, Jakarta has just added another new hangout named Thamrin 10 with the concept of food & creative park. As the name implies, Thamrin 10 is located on Jalan Thamrin 10 in Central Jakarta, precisely flanked by Wisma Mandiri and Sari Pacific Hotel.

There are 54 culinary tenants who enliven Thamrin 10, ranging from heavy food, snacks, to coffee. For those who are visiting Thamrin 10 for the first time, we share five culinary recommendations that you should try in a place that used to be a parking area.

1. Combrang

Photo Credit: Instagram @combrangindonesia

If you curious about kecombrang, you can stop by Combrang! Here, you can taste the joy of kecombrang rice plus sunny side up egg, and the choice of main side dish such as chicken, dori fish, beef, ribs, or beef tongue. As well as sauce choices such as chili sauce, green chili sauce, cheese sauce, or salted egg. The price is quite pocket friendly, starting from Rp 35,000 - Rp 50,000.

Instagram: @combrangindonesia

2. Dejamu

Photo Credit: Instagram

For those who still love to drink herbaldrink or jamu, you should come to the Dejamu booth at Thamrin 10! Jamu here are different from jamu you normally meet. Jamu at Dejamu has been modified to make it more modern, such as saffron-colored rice with soy, turmeric sour with Yakult, ginger chocolate, or Curcuma with matcha. You can enjoy this modern version of herbaldrink with a price range of Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 29,000.


3. Burger Bener

Photo Credit: Check In Jakarta doc.

This local burger shop offers a wide selection of appetizing burgers at very affordable prices, starting from Rp. 13,000 for Bener 1 with one patty and cheese in it, to Rp. 33,000 for Bener 3 + Cheese containing three patties and three cheese slices. Besides burgers with cheese, you can also add extra Spicy BBQ Sauce.

Instagram: @burgerbener_id

4. Cocomas Terrace
Are you a fan of coconut-based dishes? Then you should try Cocomas Terrace at Thamrin 10. Here you can enjoy green bean porridge, compote (kolak), doger ice, coconut water mixed with fruit syrup, to gelato.

Photo Credit: Check In Jakarta doc.

Some time ago Check In Jakarta tasted Fruit Sensation Coconut Water (Rp. 27,000), which is coconut water mixed with fruit syrup. We chose lychee syrup. It tastes good, the combination of coconut water with lychee syrup balanced perfectly. The distinctive sweet taste of coconut water makes this drink so refreshing.

We also tried Coco Crunch Gelato Cocomas Terrace. One scoop turned out to be quite a lot. The gelato texture is so soft. The taste of the coconut is more dominant than Coco Crunch, but it still tastes good. One scoop of Gelato Coco Crunch is priced at Rp 22,000.

Instagram: @cocomasterrace

5. Pisang Goreng Srikaya Ahou

Photo Credit: Instagram @pisanggorengsrikaya_ahou

In addition to heavy food and drinks, here you can also try a variety of traditional snacks, one of which is Pisang Goreng Srikaya Ahou. They use Pontianak nipah bananas that have been fried then halved and added with srikaya jam. Fried crispy and soft bananas taste good with thick srikaya jam. You just have to spend around Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 60,000 to enjoy this sweet snack.

Instagram: @pisanggorengsrikaya_ahou

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