5 Differences Barbershop and Traditional Barbershop

5 Differences Barbershop and Traditional Barbershop


Compared to the old one, young generation more familiar with barbershop. The last few years, men choose traditional barber shop before modern barbershop raise the roof. In spite of that, some men constantly choose traditional barber shop.

Barbershop known as refreshing spot for men to indulge their self with different kind of treatments. Barbershop offering more modern various treatments than the traditional one. Basically, both of them offering same service, haircut, and here are the differences.    

1. Concept

Barbershop in Indonesia, especially Jakarta offering classic, modern, minimalist to vintage concept unlike traditional barber shop. That concept comparable with cleanliness, comfort, facilities they offered. You can spend more time in cozy room with AC while listening to newest music or just surfing with their free Wi-Fi.

2. Special Treatments

If you find little hair sticking your face, neck and clothes after got hair cut in the traditional one, you won’t find it in barbershop. Barbershop offers you special treatments, starts with hair wash to the styling using pomade. Barbershop also gives you additional treatment like massage.

Barbershop became trend in overseas and came to Asia and adjusted to the Asian needs and culture. Like massage that more popular in Asia than another country. That is why barbershop in Indonesia designed based on diversity of treatment interesting, not only wash and cut hair but also massage and styling.

3. Up To Date

Speaking about hair style, barbershop more up to date than the traditional one. You might be find same hair style while get your haircut at traditional barbershop. It slightly different with barbershop, because they offer up to date style, even every single barbershop has their own signature style.

Along with distinguish concept and treatments, barbershop also offering the experience. Barber usually give you some hair style references suit your face, body posture, hair texture also your daily needed. Barber is required to know nowadays hair style, such as classic, undercut, pompadour, recon and another combination to give you best references suit your expectation.

4. Cleanliness

Not only for the place, but also barber tools. Barbershop usually welcoming their customers with clean towel or sheet. They also using tools, totally clean. Become barber is not easy, it requires work experiences to exactly know proper tools for every single hair type they meet. It aims to know if they use a good or bad tools, germ-free or not also to give best service for customers.

5. Good Place to Find New Friends

Inadequate place to be spent in a long period time makes some men move to the barbershop. Strategic location, free Wi-Fi and free drink become so many reason why men willingly spend a lot of time there. While pampering their hair, there is possible to get engage with new people with similar taste, hobby and many more. If yes, phenomena pampering their head just like women need to pamper their body at saloon increasing.