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5 Easiest Tips to Get Rid Boredom During Ramadan

5 Easiest Tips to Get Rid Boredom During Ramadan


Holy month of Ramadan comes once a year, this great chance you surely should doing a good job. With its massive blessings and major devils during Ramadan, here are several tips to get rid of boredom.

1. Reading Al-Quran

It is a right thing to do, set the realistic target since the beginning of Ramadan to do more religious activities. Boredom is usually related to monotonous activities. If you are reading Al-Quran at home, by yourself, during Ramadan, you can visit nearest mosque to read along with other Muslim fellas.

2. Reading

Along with get rid of boredom, reading some books help expand your mind. Choose the a light genre, you can also read those books and listening music in the midst of crucial hours before Iftar.

3. Doing Your Hobby

Is there any interesting activity than doing your hobby to get rid of boredom during Ramadan? Everyone has their own hobbies, writing, painting, cooking, playing guitar, farming and many more to get rid of boredom and waiting Iftar. Doing your hobby for killing time, bored, tired will not feel anymore.

4. Exercise

Exercise has many benefits, but there are some aspects as your concern while doing exercise in Ramadan. It highly recommended to exercise 30 – 60 minutes before Iftar or after Iftar, while your stomach is filled. You should have no exercise on an empty stomach, because body requires food, especially carbohydrate as endogenous sources of energy. Doing moderate exercise, like jogging or biking. 

5. Ngabuburit

For those killing time activities you probably do to get rid boredom during Ramadan, ngabuburit should be your favourite one. Ngabuburit is originally a Sundanese word, means activities while waiting Iftar time. It can involves any kind of activities, like visiting a pal or places you have never been visited before help you to get rid of boredom.