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5 Easy Ways to Make Marketing Roadmap

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
18, March 2016

On creating marketing strategy, several options are needed until you find the perfect strategy for your product and of course according to your budget. To ease you and team on doing marketing technique, it is better for you to make marketing roadmap so everything can go well based on your target and always focus. If you are still unfamiliar on making marketing roadmap, here are 5 easy ways that you can follow. Check it out!

1. Determine Target
The first thing that you should do is determining your target. It can help you to execute your marketing technique after brainstorming for ideas. The appointed target should also goes according with your team’s ability so you will not be overwhelmed with high expectations.

2. Initiative
Having initiative is always good for anything. In this case, initiative can help you on actualizing your marketing target. Initiative is included in any form of effort that is done. You also have to remember that this initiative needs to be done in a short time because usually initiative shows up to make things easier, well in this case to get to your marketing target. You can push your team to have more initiative.

3. Make Characters
To make your products known better by your market target, make a character that describes your product. That character can represent the whole company with inserting your company’s work values. This character can be a fiction character, animation, or anything that is fit for your company’s image. The making of this character or mascot can help you as one of the marketing strategies that can always be involved in every campaign.

4. Start the Campaign
After everything is arranged, it is time to start the campaign. This is an important role from marketing. Surely the campaign has to go according to strategy to reach your market target.

5. Share Progress
After the campaign is run, one more important thing is that you have to share with the whole team about the result of the campaign. This needs to be done so your team will know if the strategy is succeeded or not. If it doesn’t, you can change it with other strategy and if it succeed, the strategy can be maintained and developed more.

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono