5 Facts About Caffeine in Coffee

5 Facts About Caffeine in Coffee


Many people like to drink coffee in the morning to feel energized and to avoid feeling sleepy for the day. It is because there is an energy pump that came from the caffeine. In this article we will share interesting facts about caffeine to you. Check this out!

1. It is Similar to the Chemicals Produced by Our Brain
Due to the similarity of the molecule structures, caffeine can relate to the adenosine receptor in the brain cell. Adenosine is a transmitter nerve that sends impulse to the brain. When you consume caffeine, the molecule in it replaces the adenosine so it blocks the function that causes drowsiness and wakes the nerve cells activity instead. This is the reason why people feel energized and refreshed after a glass of coffee.

2. It Lasts Long in the Human Body
The blood circulation and body tissues will absorb the caffeine in 45 minutes after the consumption. But it will need another 4 hours to get it out of the body. And it doesn’t mean all of the caffeine will be out completely. In fact, it needs 12 hours to destroy the caffeine in a cup of coffee. If you consume more than a cup a day, it will need more time to get the caffeine out of your body.

3. It Can Cause an Over Dosage 
If you consume too much caffeine, of course it is not good for your body. It can even cause death from over dosage consumption. At the moment, many caffeine powder sold freely in the market. It contains 100% of caffeine and people are using it to increase energy, to focus on studying, or to lose weight. Consuming 5 grams of caffeine is approximately like drinking 30-50 cups of coffee. The amount of caffeine that is safe to be consumed by an adult per day is 400 mg. For pregnant women, it will be 200 mg maximum.

4. It Aggravates Stress
Avoid coffee if you are currently stressed. The caffeine will increase the stress by empowering the stress response in the body. It will also increase the blood pressure and heart pulse. This condition is even worse for people with hypertension and diabetes type 2.

5. It Is a Natural Pesticide
The caffeine that contained in the coffee tree, tea tree, and cocoa tree can function as natural pesticides. Even in higher dosage it can also be insecticide.