5 Facts About Google’s Birthday

5 Facts About Google’s Birthday


Google has turned 17 years old on last September 27, 2015, marking Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s struggle on building their company. As time goes by, Google has undergone many changes, started from an experimental search engine until now it has become a history maker company. Here are few things you need to know about Google’s birthday.

1. Google’s First Server is Made from Toy Block
Google was born sweet and creative. In a blog post on its birthday, Google shows classic photos, including its first server that is made from toy blocks which used by Larry and Sergey in their dorm. Yes, the internet sophisticated innovation was once a cute machine.

2. Google’s Original Logo Was Not Designed Neatly
We all know that Google’s logo always evolved continuously. Ruth Kedar, Google’s first logo designer, said that she intended to create a simple, playful, and random-look logo. That logo was made as if it is a children’s handwriting and did not follow the color rules.

3. Google Doodle Helps Disseminate New Logo
The company uses Google Doodle as a new Google’s logo publication tool, a month before its birthday. The doodle appears on almost every country in the world. The animations started with showing its old logo. And then a hand showed up and erased the logo to make space for the new logo.

4. Google’s Logo Used to Have Exclamation Point
An exclamation point which usually seen on Yahoo!’s logo was first used in 1998, when Larry and Sergey used the logo on their campus project in Stanford University. The exclamation point only survived for one year until it was erased when Google released a new logo on May 1999.  

5. Google Was First Known as ‘Backrub’
In 1996, Google was known with the name BackRub. At the moment, they don’t even have a logo, but a picture of a hand giving a backrub. Then a year later, Larry and Sergey released Google’s official logo.