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5 Facts About Ruangguru

By Isny Dewi R

16 September 2019

Facts about Ruangguru you should know.

Students in Indonesia are now increasingly facilitated in learning. One of them is because of the presence of Ruangguru app. Founded by talented young Indonesians, Ruangguru has now become a favorite application that provides many benefits for the nation's next generation.

This education-based technology company is committed to becoming a partner for local governments to improve the quality of education through the Learning Management System (LMS). Here are five interesting facts about Ruangguru you should know.

1. Founder of Ruangguru
Ruangguru was founded by Belva Devara and Iman Usman. Both are now successfully included in the ranks of successful entrepreneurs under the age of 30. The Ruangguru CEO, Belva Devara was the first Indonesian to receive a full scholarship in a double-degree program at Harvard University and Stanford University. The man who born in 1990 was also the first Indonesian to be accepted into the double degree program in Computer Science and Business studies at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

While Belva's best friend, Iman Usman is a graduate from Faculty of Social and Political Sciences education majoring in International Relations at University of Indonesia and continuing his master's education at Columbia University with a cum laude GPA of 3.90.

2. How to Register
Ruangguru can be used on PCs as well as Android and iOS smartphones. There are many products offered by Ruangguru ranging from ruangbelajar, ruanglesonline, digitalbootcamp, ruanguji, ruangles to ruangkelas. For students who want to study online with professional teachers, can register first by opening the website There, you can register as a student.

For those who want to learn, choose Daftar Sebagai Murid. Fill in the complete data such as name, email, cellphone number, to the class you want to attend. After complete, click the submit button. The next step, you can find teacher according to your interest. You must fill in study data, location of study, and personal data. Then the last is completing the payment process.

3. Package Price
The price of study packages in Ruangguru is very diverse. For Ruangbelajar products, the price starts from Rp 250 thousand to Rp 1.45 thousand, for grade 1 elementary school to grade 12 high school. There are also SBMPTN and STAN classes. If you are curious to find out about the product and package prices, you can check on All payment processing can be done via online. It’s more interesting because you can also use promo vouchers to be more efficient.

4. Ruangguru New Features
Few times ago, Ruangguru released the latest features. Live Teaching. This feature can broadcast live explanation from the teacher through the app. Users can also directly ask questions and answers via chat. In addition, there is also a Discussion Forum where discussions can be moderated by students themselves.

5. The Biggest Online Tutoring in Indonesia
Ruangguru already has more than 6 million users and manages more than 150,000 teachers and offers services in more than 100 subjects. This online-based tutoring is now the largest in Indonesia, and is the best digital startup in education field in Indonesia. Ruangguru also won various awards, such as the Google Launchpad Accelerator 2016 - Awardee, UNICEF Youth Innovation Forum 2015 - Innovation to Watch, and many more.


Top Photo Source: Instagram @ruangguru

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