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5 Facts of Indonesian Digital World

5 Facts of Indonesian Digital World


The digital world is now entering its golden era. In the worldwide, including Indonesia, there’s a phenomena where society can’t be apart from smartphone, tablet, laptop, and internet. What are the facts about Indonesia’s digital world nowadays?

1. The Increasing Number of Internet Users in Indonesia
Even though it did not show a significant number in the early of the year, but now the number of active internet users in Indonesia has reached to 72.7 million people. From the total population of 255.5 million people, the 72 million of them actively use the internet. This thing shows that less than 28% of the Indonesia’s population have considered the importance of the internet and have joined digital world.

2. The Increasing Number of Social Media Active Users
Internet now cannot be apart from social media, with such big campaign on social media using nowadays. This makes a surprising fact. About 16% of people who use the internet have a social media account. If we look closer, it means that 72 million from 72.7 million of people have used social media actively. It’s not surprising if the Facebook user in Indonesia is the 5th highest in the world.

3. Social Media is Being Used Everyday
Maybe we don’t realize that time we use for social media is more than our time for taking a bath twice a day. And yes, based on the statistics from Global/WebIndex,  Indonesian people use social media for approximately 2 hours 52 minutes.

4. E-Commerce Existence
E-Commerce seems to be the king of the digital world. With the fact that when the internet user in Indonesia has reached 72.7 million, more than 20% of them actively get involved in e-commerce activity. With the data approximately 16% of people are having transaction through personal computers and 9% are doing it through smartphone.

5. WhatsApp is The Favorite Chatting Application
WhatsApp gets 12% interest of mobile internet users. All of the active internet users like to use WhatsApp as the substitution for short messaging service. This makes WhatsApp as the 1st favorite chatting application which is frequently used by Indonesian.