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5 Foods You Should Try at Taman Jajan Bintaro

By Isny Dewi R

02 October 2017

At Taman Jajan Bintaro you will find so many places to eat with so many kind of food.

Walk 9 previously was a culinary center in Sektor 9, Bintaro area, has moved to Sektor 7, Bintaro, and changed its name into Taman Jajan Bintaro.

As the culinary center, here you will find so many places to eat with so many kind of food. From toast, kue cubit, to Indian food can be found here. But from those places, there are 5 places you have to visit. Here they are.

1. Fish Streat
We can say, Fish Streat almost close to Fish & Co. but in lower price version. Even so, you can't underestimate their food. There are 3 favorite menu here. Fish and Chips (Rp 29.000,-), Seafood Platter (Rp 35.000,-), and Crunchy Crispy Calamary (Rp 29.000,-).

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Their Seafood Platter has complete filling. There are grilled john dory, shrimp, clam, and squid. This menu served with yellow rice with dominant taste of curry, as well as potatoes and raisins. Yummy!

Every day: 10.00-21.30 WIB

2. Nasi Uduk Pak Jhon
Why is it called Nasi Uduk Pak Jhon? Because the owner is Mr. Marjono, and well-known as Pak Jhon. As its name, they offer nasi uduk with various side dish such as fried chicken, catfish, pigeon, duck, to lamb curry. But the favorite one is of course the fried chicken.

No wonder if Nasi Uduk Pak Jhon is so popular. The fragrant from nasi uduk with fried onions on the top, plus the tasty and savory of the fried chicken is just like  pecel ayam from Lamongan, East Java, makes this dish get liked by so many people. For nasi uduk, fried chicken, and fresh vegetables as side dishes you just have to pay around Rp 22.000,-.

Every day: 10.00-22.00 WIB

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3. Warung Pringga
This place serves Japanese and European food, but we guaranteed it is all cheap. The favorite menu here is Chicken Katsu (Rp 38.000,-). Pieces of the chicken taste so juicy with crunchy flour dressinng. It is more tasty because served with generous french fries and fresh salad with mayonnaise. You just can't resist it.

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Mon-Fri: 15.00-23.00 WIB, Sat & Sunday: 11.00-00.00 WIB

4. Cubite
As its name, kue cubit become the main menu here. The favorite snack when we were still a little kid served on the cutting board with a silhouette picture of a women made using chocolate powder. Seven kue cubit then arranged on the top of the cutting board.

You can choose 17 variant taste of kue cubit for the topping. From meises, Nutella, Oreo, Ovomaltine, KitKat Greentea, to mini marshmallow. You can also request what do you want for your kue cubit batter, is it half-cooked or cooked. The price ranged from Rp 14.000,- to Rp 29.000,-.

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5. Kopi Nusantara
If you are a coffee lover, then this place your next stop. They served any kind of local coffee beans such as Toraja, Bajawa, Flores, Parindingan, Kakaya, etc. For you who is not into a strog coffee, you can try their Ice Caramel Latte, it is so good.

For accompany your coffee, you can also order their light bites. Pancake at Kopi Nusantara will surprise you, because the taste is so good, the portion is big, with ice cream as the topping. Or you can try their savory french fries and it will hooked you.

Every day: 07.00-23.00 WIB

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